The Enzyme User Representatives (EUR's)


The Enzyme User Representatives are designed to collect, prioritise and deliver user feedback to the Enzyme Council on behalf of users.

The aim is for the ETC and EURs to maintain a close relationship and preserve a healthy feedback loop. The ETC is required to address concerns raised by the EURs, and both sub-committees should work together at defining and prioritising the pressing needs of the users of the Enzyme network.

Users are be able to elect delegates to represent their interest on the Enzyme Council. Qualifying EURs managing a product with a minimum threshold of assets equivalent to 1% of AUM in USDC terms.


The ratio of ETC : EURs is currently 5 : 2.

The EURs help balance power by checking the decisions made by the ETC and can inform users about any suspicious activity. It is possible for EURs to vote on the exclusion of a Melon Council member violating the MC statutes (through a two-third majority vote).

The EURs are currently coordinated using an invite-only Telegram group tied to the creation of a Melon fund. This is currently the forum we use to nominate and vote on EUR's.


The EUR's are expected to meet bi-monthly too; once with the ETC and once independently of the ETC. Their responsibilities include the following:

  • Community calls: Organising and curating community calls.

  • User feedback: Collating and gathering feedback from users in the ecosystem to integrate into the Council strategy & roadmap.

  • Growth: Helping grow the user base and protect their best interest.

  • Monitoring: Oversee and check that user's best interests are being correctly represented and prioritised by the ETC.

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